Arabica (Green Beans)

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Everest sources the very best quality Arabica Green Beans AA grade - Plantation Arabica super grade beans. March Harvest

Our coffee is grown on family owned plantations, at altitudes of over 1500 metres, delicately shaded from direct sunlight. The rich, red coffee fruit is hand-picked and wet processed producing the most superior Arabica beans. A process that captures the taste, richness and aroma profiles right from crop to cup. This coffee is a single origin coffee with crop grown on different sides of the mountain. Uniquely sourced by Everest Coffee.

Region India
Altitude: 1500 meters above sea level

Fragrance: Fresh & pronounced
Aroma: Fresh, pleasant sweet scent
Acidity: Low
Bitterness: Minimal
Body: Full
After-taste: Pleasant

A medium roast will deliver an excellent cup of coffee highlighting the skills of the grower

Everest coffee's beans tend to have a low acidity, a characteristic on Indian coffee's, with wine-y tastes with notes of spiced dark chocolate and caramel; a creamy full body finishing with a chocolaty after taste.….stimulating to the last drop