100 Matte Coffee bags/packs/pouches 1 Kg 390 X 130 X 38 MM

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Coffee Bag with One-Way Degassing Valve makes it possible to capture bold flavors and aromas right after coffee is roasted.

Excellent quality

This bag in Matte Black measures
390mm Length X 130mm Width



Side Gusset - 38mm

Holds 1 Kg of coffee beans, ground coffee, tea, and specialty food.

The one-way valves release pressure and gas while preventing outside air from entering the bag, so you can package coffee immediately following the roasting process when it is naturally emitting carbon dioxide.
A Multiply laminate with Aluminium barrier to protect against moisture and air.

Features & Benefits:

Matte Black finish looks professional
High moisture, freshness and odor barrier
Laminated material for added strength and barrier
One-way degassing valve vents CO2 to maintain freshness of coffee and tea
Bottom sealed for extra durability
Close bags with a heat sealer.