Cafes and Offices


Everest is committed to quality

Consistently serving the finest espresso - It is rare in business to discover a product where consistently offering 100% quality is the best economic commercial decision you can make. In fact, business gurus are the greatest advocates for the 80% is perfect model. But espresso coffee is one of those rare products where consistent 100% coffee supreme quality matters. Customers will walk past 10 other competitors to get to an Everest Coffee espresso.

At Everest Coffee we tick all the boxes to support our cafes.

  • We import our own beans - the highest quality of coffee beans
  • We roast freshly to meet our cafe's orders.
  • It is essential owners are hands on in the cafes we supply.
  • And lastly we work with you to ensure you succeed in your business. 

This ensures you brew the perfect Everest cup of coffee every time, using the very best bean on an optimum machine. Quality supreme coffee helps us build deep emotional connections with our final coffee drinkers, leading them to keep coming back for more of that delicious flavour and taste.

 We help your cafe succeed

We have a vested interest in your success as a cafe. We will work with you ergonomics, the right machine, barista training, getting the product mix right and customer service. The whole offering will lead to business success.


Coffee in the Office

Coffee is a commonly consumed beverage in the workplace and can be considered an integral part of workplace culture. At work, as well as in other social environments, the phrase “feel like a cup of coffee” or "let's discuss options over a coffee". The cost of leaving the office for a real good supreme cup of coffee or to a coffee cart parked outside the business, has a host of hidden costs.

If you have your own coffee machine, we can provide coffee beans to deliver a "better than cafe quality coffee". Struggling for ideas, contact us, we can highlight options. Drawing on our experience, give your staff and visitors a great coffee experience