About Us

Everest Coffee Company


Everest Coffee was created to deliver coffee at its peak. It did take some convincing so, there was debate, research, questions and more questions. The end result, yes there was a gap! Everest Coffee was committed, with an extra bit of effort, attention to detail and the 'no compromise spirit', all to deliver a consistently great cup of coffee. As simple as it sounds, there was more to it than just a 'crop to cup of coffee' approach.


Specialty over Fair Trade

Sourcing the very best of coffee beans, based on altitude, location and above all best practices, is where it all starts. This comes at a high price! So we, eliminate the middleman and deal direct with the source.  In doing so, we have shown the farmers, quality beans can attract a good price - affording them a better life. 


Everest coffee experience

Everest coffee has developed excellent relationships among prominent quality conscious sustainable coffee growers. It is so vital to know the source of the coffee bean. We take pride in knowing that we pick the cream of the coffee beans from multiple location plantations from the same region. Each bean with is own unique subtly different flavour and note characteristic. When all the beans play in unison you get a 'coffee symphony' in your cup. 

Quite simply put our aim is to provide you coffee beans that make a "Better than Cafe quality coffee at home"


Delivering the World over

Freshly roasted coffee delivered no matter where you are. Everest Coffee online shopping experience is supreme and carries a wide range of freshly roasted specialty coffee and brew devices for both home and office. 

If you have questions about the Everest Coffee Company, or are a coffee lover, cafe or an office interested in ordering one or more of our products, please use our Contact Form.