About Us

About Everest Coffee Company

Above and Beyond Fair Trade

On a basic level fair trade assures that:                 

  • Farmers working are provided a minimum fair price.     
  • Farmers are provided with good working conditions and able to lead a basic lifestyle.
  • Farmers are of a legal age and female farmers are not discriminated against. 

The above criteria provides little motivation to ensure the production of high quality beans. Over and above Fair Trade, Everest Coffee gives our farmers a great price, as we, eliminate the middleman and deal direct with the source.  In doing so, we have shown the farmers, quality beans can attract a good price - affording them a better life not just a basic lifestyle. 

This is motivation at its best!

Extensive Business experience - Great Business model

The Company is a privately owned: we have developed excellent connections among prominent quality conscious sustainable coffee growers. We have taken feedback, back to the farmer in the form of videos as well as sharing positive feedback messages from our customers. This sharing not only strengthens the relationship, but also keeps the farmer motivated to keep producing an excellent crop year after year. 

Shade Grown coffee

Our coffee plantations grow fruits, vegetables and spices amidst their coffee. Some of these are tall and shade the coffee from the direct sunshine. As the coffee beans mature more slowly in the shade, natural sugars increase and enhance the flavour of the coffee. Next to tobacco, coffee is sprayed with more chemicals than any other product consumed by humans. Shade grown coffee is  organically grown, virtually, free of chemical use.This style of plantations promote a Healthier Environment. Shade grown coffee requires little or no chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides. The shade trees filter carbon dioxide which causes global warming, and aid in soil moisture retention and minimises erosion. Migrating bird populations have been in rapid decline since the introduction of “sun” coffee and the consequent destruction of rainforest for more coffee plantations. As many as 60 species of birds have been identified on these shade coffee farms.

Green Beans

Due to our plantations growing fruits and spices amongst their coffee, the resulting coffee comprises beans with intrinsic fruity and spicy notes. Our premium beans are hand picked, so only the fully ripe fruits are harvested. Thus ensuring the coffee beans are at their peak of development, thus, a very superior bean. They are then wet processed, the resultant bean - is of the highest-quality Arabica AA grade coffee beans. We have tested and selected this priceless bean and are the sole importers of this bean into New Zealand. This superior bean is in high demand in Japan, parts of Europe and the US markets.

Our Coffees roasted fresh in Auckland

Everest coffee is freshly roasted in Auckland and supplied in sizes of 200 grams, 1 Kilogram high quality aluminium laminate sealed pouches. Our 200 gram superior pouches are fitted with a re-sealable zip lock and a one way valve to help preserve the freshness. We have more than one roasted coffee options, Bliss, our flagship coffee is a 100% Super grade Arabica AA bean, medium light-roasted, is a sweet toned chocolate flavour low-acid bright with berry and floral after tones that produces a full, mellow, delicious espresso with ample body and rich, velvety creama, Aristo, a full city roast what we may consider an 'extract for the gods'  - blended from a selection of the India's finest coffee beans and roasted to perfection, our classy coffee, the cup that wakes you up.

If you have questions about the Everest Coffee Company, or are a roaster, cafe or retailer interested in ordering one or more of our products, please use our Contact Form.