Savourite Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans by Everest Coffee

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Delicious super grade coffee beans blend, subtle in strength, rich in a golden creama, with a flood of distinct flavours, gentle complexity without the bitter after taste. Savourite is full bodied, subtly strong yet smooth. The coffee with punch.

Savourite Coffee -   A perfect balance of flavour and strength....... 

....Reaches the corners of your taste buds to please one hundred percent.

Everest Coffee is the ultimate in coffee, the end result of the rich picture-perfect red coffee fruit, grown at high altitudes. Our coffee plantations grow fruits, vegetables and spices amidst their coffee, these drop organic matter re-vitalising the soil, sustaining the farms for centuries. Some of these are tall and shade the coffee from the direct sunshine. As the coffee beans mature more slowly in the shade, natural sugars increase and enhance the flavour of the coffee. This body, favour and aroma is reflected in the exclusive taste and flavour in your cup of coffee, right here in New Zealand.

Savourite coffee is what we may consider an 'extract for the gods' - an Italian style espresso coffee, blended from a selection of the finest quality coffee green beans and roasted to perfection. A soft body, low acidity, highly aromatic, smooth flavoured coffee, that always impresses. You’ll get a superior tasting espresso coffee, with thick crema, no bitterness and a pleasant after taste - the cup that wakes you up!